SOL15 I Can Only Try 1/31


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge –  An Online Writing Experience Hosted by The Two Writing Teachers

Here it goes… But… What if…?

I want to be the best literacy teacher I can be.  I tell my students that in order to improve at anything, we have to practice.  I know that I need to practice my own writing!  I tell my students that they’ll only fail if they don’t try.  I know that I’ll only fail at this writing challenge if I don’t try.

Here is my promise to myself:   I will try to write.  Every day in March.

Every day in March?!?!?  I want to write.  I really do.  I tell myself that I’ll make time to write.  I tell myself that I won’t find excuses not to write.  I tell myself that I’ll find enough to write about.  I tell myself that I won’t fail.

But…  What if I really don’t have time to write?  What if I forget to write?  What if I choose not to write?  What if no one likes what I write?  What if no one wants to read what I write?  What if my writing is not good enough?

The truth is… I’m a little (or maybe a lot) scared to write…

I can only try!


16 thoughts on “SOL15 I Can Only Try 1/31

  1. Michelle @litlearningzone

    Yea!!! You did it!! And yes, all you can do is try! Be brave, right! And you are!!! Stick with it & look forward to more brave writing!

    Thanks for joining me Karen!

  2. Welcome to our community! You will never know if you enjoy writing, if you’re good at writing, if you can get better at writing, what you struggle with in writing… you’ll never know unless you try!

    You will learn so much and read such incredible stories this month – you won’t be sorry, I promise.

    Again, welcome! I’m looking forward to your Slices.

  3. It’s my first time to try this too! You are not alone and I have all those same concerns. One step (day) at a time. I’m carrying around a small notebook with me to write down ideas that I would otherwise forget! Good luck to you!


  4. Good for you! No better way to understand your students than to feel what they feel. I could feel the anxiety through your words. Yet your willingness to be vulnerable also shines. Great start!

  5. You’ve taken the first step. Made a commitment. Allow yourself room to write whatever needs writing each day. When my time is limited, I have been known to write a haiku, 3 simple lines about my day. Think of your students and how you help them find their wings–you are finding your wings, too. Kudos to you. You’re brave.

  6. I always thought no one would want to read what I had written either…but they do, they always do. That is what makes this community so amazing. Someone is always there to cheer you on. So pick up that pen and keep writing!

  7. Your post reminds me why it’s so important for teachers to write, how our own practice as writers can inform our pedagogy. When I’m not writing regularly, it’s really easy for me to forget just how hard it is and how panic-inducing it can be!

  8. This is year four for me, and I’m still scared. But I know the rewards of being with this community. Thanks for joining us! I love the way you give voice to the thoughts of so many of us.

  9. Welcome! I think you’ll find the practice of writing every day gets easier and easier. Looking forward to reading 30 more posts!

  10. This is such a fun and nurturing community Karen. We are so glad you took the plunge. You will thoroughly enjoy the next 30 days. Promise. 🙂

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