SOL15 High School Assessment Stress 3/31


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I woke up this morning to some typical noise in my house. “Hurry up!  You’re going to make me late!”  I’m used to it.  I have 2 teenage daughters that wake up very early. They are ice skaters. They take lessons and practice before school.  Every day.  B is the driver.  E is the passenger.  B is punctual.  E is… not.

I could sense a little more tension than usual.  B was in a hurry today.  ACT day for B.  E was in her usual “take my time” early morning state of mind.  PLAN day for E.  B worries about getting things right.  E wants things to go right, but never worries – at least it never shows.

When B got to school I received a text message:  “E made me late and I have the ACT.  I’m very angry.”  My response to B was “Be calm.  Be focused.  Do well.  I believe in you.  I love you!!”

I never heard from E.  We’ll talk later…


6 thoughts on “SOL15 High School Assessment Stress 3/31

  1. Sounds like a chaotic morning. I like how you just tell the slice and don’t react. When things went wrong for me today, I definitely reacted. Even in my writing, I react and comment. Maybe I will get better with experience.

  2. Samantha Marquardt

    I love your story-telling style!! I think you have provided a perfect snippet of what I believe life with two teenager daughters would be like. 🙂

  3. What a great story … I think I see my future with my two girls! At least the early morning typical noise! I know B was stressed, but I know she did great! And E will be E. You have raised two, beautiful independent thinkers!

    A perfect slice of life, Karen! Keep on climbing up that mountain! You are doing it!!

  4. Lynn

    I can just imagine how calm you remained during the whole routine Karen! I hope all went well for the girls the rest of the day! 🙂

  5. macrush53

    Staying calm is key and how hard it is sometimes. I hope all goes well tonight when you talk to E.

  6. I’m glad we are living some of the same slices 🙂 Miss A decided that today (ACT DAY!) would be a GREAT day to roll over and sleep again.
    Ugh. Sigh. Write.
    Then we all feel better! 🙂

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