SOL15 The Farm 4/31


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We’re going to the farm to celebrate Babcia’s birthday on Saturday.

The thing is…we’re not really going to the farm.  We won’t be going there again.  We’re going to Babcia’s new house.  The old house burned to the ground last year.  Everything in the house was lost.  Don’t worry.  Our Babcia was not harmed.

The farm was once a place where family and friends gathered. Often. The farm was once a place where you felt like you were immersed in another culture and another language. The farm was our tradition.  All of our holidays were spent at the farm. Birthdays were celebrated at the farm.  When we had a free afternoon, we all went to the farm.

The problem is that the house isn’t there anymore.  Babcia has a new house.  Someplace else.  Everything old and familiar that once had a story has now been replaced with something brand new.

Even though we are carrying on with some old traditions and making new memories in Babcia’s new house, I still say, “We’re going to the farm.”  Everyone silently understands.

We’re going to the farm to celebrate Babcia’s birthday on Saturday.


7 thoughts on “SOL15 The Farm 4/31

  1. Leigh Anne

    There is always room for new memories. I love how you book end your slice with the same lines. Very effective.

  2. Judy C.

    So many great memories that you & your family have at “the farm”. I’m sure that new memories will be made at Babcia’s new home.
    I’m Michelle’s Mom – we met last year when your girls were ice skating. Looking forward to reading more slices – I know how difficult and intimidating it can be the first year of slicing. Just keep writing – it does get easier.

  3. Lynn

    It is a loss that you feel and you need time to heal from it. Go and try to have a wonderful time . . . Getting away will be good!

  4. A touching slice where the farm is just engrained in your mind and heart. The farm. The repetition of the words ‘the farm’ and also your matching first and last sentences hold the importance of the farm like bookends. Another perfect slice!

  5. macrush53

    A beautiful tribute to the farm and all that it was. I love how this piece circles back to the beginning.

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