SOL15 Together 5/31


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge –  An Online Writing Experience Hosted by The Two Writing Teachers


I have two daughters who share a passion.  They are both in love with ice skating.  When they were young, Paul and I had them try every sport and every activity we could work into our busy days – dance, poms, swimming, soccer, tumbling, art lessons, and more. We had hoped that they would find different passions… That was our plan. This past year, B and E competed on the same synchronized skating team – together.

B and E spend a lot of time together.  They take skating lessons and practice before and after school – together.  They have team practices during the week and on Saturdays and Sundays – together.  B is driving, so they spend a lot of time in the car – together.

When E received her team placement letter in the mail last spring, we were all so excited that she had been placed on the same team as B – the highest level in our club! After eleven years, the girls were on the same team – together!

Then we started to think…

B and E had always been on different synchronized skating teams, which allowed them to have their own space, with their own teammates.  Now they would be teammates, as well as sisters.  Paul and I were concerned.  How would they handle this?  How would our family handle this?  How would our coaches handle this?  Would our coaches throw us all out – together?

Practices started and we heard: “E talks too much on the ice!”  “B is wearing my shirt!” There were many arguments. There were many family talks. Would we survive?  Finally, competition and travel season arrived. If the coaches roomed the girls in the hotel alphabetically, B and E would be sharing a room – together!


Their competition season is over. We all survived. We are still in the club. B and E handled their situation better than Paul and I could have hoped. They shared a room on many trips. They came together, as teammates and sisters to support each other and their team. It wasn’t perfect, but Paul and I can say that we are so proud of the two of them – together!