SOL15 Time for Just Me (and my book) 8/31


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Time for Just Me (and my book)

Please don’t judge, but I stayed in my bed today until 3:00 (yes, pm!). I’m not sick and no, I wasn’t sleeping.  I stayed in bed to finish a book.  It was a reading emergency!

From September until March, I am up with B and E for their Saturday and Sunday weekend team practices by 5:30 am – every Saturday and Sunday.  We are out the door by 6 am and don’t return until afternoon.  This was the first weekend morning I had to myself since last summer.  I indulged in a great book.

I started this book yesterday and picked it up again this morning before I started my day.  I just couldn’t put it down.  I kept reading until I finished it.  Paul brought my breakfast.  B brought my snack.  E brought my lunch. No one missed me.  No one needed me.  No one complained.  So I just kept reading.

I was completely engaged in this book.  This book had mystery, tragedy, and hope for what’s good and right to prevail.  This book had me thinking and reflecting about all things past and present. How could I stop reading before I got to the end?

I really do have the most wonderful family.  Thank you for giving me time – time for just me (and my book).  I love you, Paul and B and E!

ps  I downloaded another book!


8 thoughts on “SOL15 Time for Just Me (and my book) 8/31

  1. Uh? How could you possibly leave out the title of this book?!? I must know … I need to know … I need a day like this with a Paul, B and E too!

    I’m so glad you did this for yourself! A reading emergency … sounds perfect.

  2. Sounds like a perfect day. I think returning to bed after breakfast to read is one of life’s greatest pleasures. I was also wondering about the title. . .:)

  3. Oh the power of a good book! I once became so engrossed in a book I cancelled my plans for the weekend because I simply HAD TO KNOW what would happen next. Glad you had a wonderful day to enjoy yours.

  4. It’s a reading emergency!! I love it! A day of reading – how perfect! I snuck in a book and a half of a book in between all the weekend must-dos! Hooray for reading!

  5. Awesome! I’m so glad you finally got a day for YOU, and that you did what you love! The book sounds wonderful– I’m going to go look it up!

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. macrush53

    Yay for staying in bed to finish a book. Love “a reading emergency”.An in need of that kind of book. Will look it up.

  7. Judy C.

    Great way to spend a day, night, or two. Glad you finally shared the title and author. I’ll add it to my TBR list.

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