SOL15 So Excited! 9/15


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So Excited!

I’ve written about our daughters B and E. There is also a J.  J is Paul’s daughter from his first marriage.   J is our oldest daughter. We are grandparents to EJ.  EJ is just over a year old. EJ has brought us all so much love and joy during this past year!

J is expecting her second child. I received a text this morning that included a photo of EJ wearing a big brother t-shirt and holding a balloon.  EJ looks so excited in that picture!

At 13 months, EJ has no idea what there is to be excited about. Is it the balloon? Is it because his mommy is smiling and cooing at him to elicit that beautiful smile? Is it because he’s on an adventure at the doctor’s office? We really have no idea. He’s just excited!

EJ doesn’t know it yet, but the real excitement comes in September when he has a new baby to play with and kiss and hug and snuggle and adore and love. His whole world will change…and so will ours!  We are ALL so excited!

It’s a girl!!



7 thoughts on “SOL15 So Excited! 9/15

  1. Colleen

    I am so glad you are able to enjoy this phase of your life. I am looking at the college phase with my own right now, and tuition talk elicited thoughts of bill, bills, and more bills. While I am in no rush, it’s much more pleasant to think about grandchildren to love!

  2. Lynn

    Oh congrats Karen! More family to love! All,the best to your daughter and may I say your grandson is adorable!

  3. Judy C.

    What a little cutie he is! I’m sure he is just as excited, even though he doesn’t understand the reason. Congrats on becoming a grandma, again!

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