SOL15 A Career Chosen – A Passion Discovered 12/31


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 A Career Chosen – A Passion Discovered

When I went away to school, I was not an education major. I hadn’t really put that much thought into choosing a major or a career. I was the first in my family of many, many cousins to head off to college. Going to college was a big deal in itself! There were no college visits to choose the best “fit” for me. I chose the school where my older brother had taken me once to hang out with his friends. I walked around the campus with very big eyes and, as only a high school sophomore, I was sold. I wanted to go to school there and didn’t really think about any place else.

So two years later, off I went to college as a political science major. I had no idea what political science was. I just knew that I enjoyed my social studies classes and my high school counselor pointed me in that direction. There was no talk of passion in those days (at least not in that way!). I spent almost two years as a political science major. I spent almost two years not following my passion!

One day, a college miracle happened! I was sitting in my Spanish 2 class and the teacher read an announcement from a piece of paper (there was, of course, no email or internet back then). The announcement explained that there was a new grant program in the college of education and that there was going to be a meeting for any student interested. I vividly remember to this very day, sitting in that class listening to that announcement. I instantly thought of my second grade teacher and I thought, “A teacher!” “That’s it! That’s what I want to be! That’s who I am!”

So many thoughts rushed into my mind all at once. I thought about the way my second grade classroom looked – the neat rows of desks and the long row of windows looking out at the playground. I thought about my second grade teacher – the dresses she wore and the way she smiled at me every day! I thought a lot about second grade. I also felt a pull. A pull toward something big, something really big.

We didn’t call it passion back then. But, now I know that being a teacher was, and still is, mine! I look back at that day now and I realize that was the day my passion was unwrapped, like a gift. So, Miss Omson from Westdale School in 1972, this slice is for you. Thank you for giving me the gift of teaching and the gift of sharing my passion with others.

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6 thoughts on “SOL15 A Career Chosen – A Passion Discovered 12/31

  1. What a fun slice of your history to read! You are right, we never talked about your passion long ago. I’m so thankful for your passion today and your dedication to teaching! I’m so thankful that I get to learn right beside you too! That’s a gift! A beautiful slice!

  2. macrush53

    We must be passionate about teaching in order to succeed. So glad you discovered this. And thank goodness, a teacher shared a piece of information at just hte right time.

  3. I love how this slice worked out. The picture is so classic! I’m glad you’re following your passion and helping the kids (and adults!) follow their dreams.

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