SOL15 The Spirit of Reading 17/31


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The Spirit of Reading

My teaching role is to provide reading support in small groups in a K-5 school. I love, love, love what I do. I help my students become better readers, writers, and thinkers. We read books. We talk about our thinking. We write about our thinking. It’s almost that simple. As best I can, I help kids and their families develop a literacy routine at home. It’s easy for some kids – I just help connect them with books. I often see myself as just the “middleman”. For other kids, it’s not so easy. They’ve got other things going on at home and it’s a struggle to get them to fall in love with reading. However, I consider this a challenge and my life’s work!

One of my second graders gave me one of those moments today that affirm my belief in the power of books and reading. S has missed a lot of school this year. He prefers video games over books. He even prefers video games over sleep – he’s been known to fall asleep during the school day.   Well, after our lesson today, S turned to Y and reminded him to read at home tonight. As we were walking back to class S turned to me and said, “I believe in the spirit of reading!” We’ve never talked about this spirit, but heck, I’ll believe in it too!


6 thoughts on “SOL15 The Spirit of Reading 17/31

  1. Judy C.

    That’s quite an accomplishment. Don’t we all just love the “spirit of reading”. I’m sure that lifts your spirits and helps you to continue doing what you love.

  2. This just gives me goosebumps! I love moments like these! And knowing our little friend, what a joy to hear these words. I think we need to add that word “spirit” into our vocabulary when talking about falling in love with reading — because “I believe in the spirit of reading” too!

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