SOL15 She Didn’t Get the Cash 18/31


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She Didn’t Get the Cash

E is my youngest, just a few months shy of turning 15. She has no trouble spending our money (not that we have that much). E is a typical teenager. She is not ungrateful by any means – she will do chores and babysit to earn her own money, too.

At our last skating competition (Nationals), I was going to get each of the girls a competition shirt. I only buy them one shirt per season, as they can get pricey. I asked the girls which shirt they would like (there is usually quite a large selection). E asked which shirt B was getting. I explained that B was getting the gray, quarter zip, long-sleeve, pullover shirt. E said that she liked that one, too! She would just borrow B’s shirt and take the cash instead.

Tonight, we were shopping at Kohl’s for some last minute spring break essentials (mostly for E). I had a coupon and some well-earned Kohl’s cash. The final amount came to just under $40! The cashier smiled and said that we had saved $174.86 on our purchase. E looked at me with very big eyes and asked if she could have that amount in cash. After all, she was the reason for the big savings.

She didn’t get the cash either time.


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  1. Lynn

    Too funny Karen! I love her thinking, “I’ll borrow her shirt and take the money”. Again, Karen you are up way too late 🙂

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