SOL15 my one little word 2015 19/31


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my one little word

As I’ve been reading past slices, I’ve read some about choosing one little word for the year. A quick search brought me to Ali Edwards’ website where I read about the one little word project.

 This is what I learned from Ali:

“A single word can be a powerful thing.
It can be a ripple in the pond that changes everything.”

I have chosen one little word to think about and reflect on daily. I am hoping that this one little word becomes a part of my life and a part of me. I chose this one little word because I feel I need this one little word in my life to create balance.

My Journey (thanks, Ali and Michelle):

  1. Invite this one little word into my life.
  2. Make this one little word visible.
  3. Let this one little word speak to me.
  4. Follow this one little word where it leads me.
  5. Celebrate the journey I’m on with this one little word.

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Many thanks to…
Ali Edwards
Michelle at Literacy Learning Zone for sharing the VanillaPen app and her one little word with me

9 thoughts on “SOL15 my one little word 2015 19/31

  1. WOW – I am only on my second year of this project but it’s power to shape your life and decisions is amazing. Part of me thinks the word becomes a bit of a self fulfilling prophecy: the rest of me thinks it become a goal. Good luck with your journey to simplify.

  2. Ms. Kelly

    One little word is a powerful strategy. The process of picking a word is just as empowering as the word itself.

  3. Lynn

    Karen your one little word has been the word I tell everyone how my life is since retirement. Life is simpler now and I have to say I love it! Thanks Karen!

  4. Yes, this word is just right. And I love, love, love what you created!!! We will have to add it to your blog now. 🙂 It’s beautiful and quite …. simple in the perfect way. You amaze me by jumping right in, but first always learning what you need to know to move forward.

    I will do my best to remind you … to simplify. You tell me to breathe. I tell you to simplify. You tell me to breathe. I tell you to simplify. We’ll make a great team! (wink, wink)

  5. Judy C.

    Great word, Karen. I agree with Lynn – retirement makes life so much simpler. I hope that your word will lead you on a wonderful path throughout the year.

  6. macrush53

    What a great word. Don’t you just love the Ali Edwards stuff? Are you taking her class? M OLW: open.

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