SOL15 I Found Spring 22/31


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge –  An Online Writing Experience Hosted by The Two Writing Teachers

I found it. I found spring. It has been hiding somewhere in the southeastern United States. It was there this morning. Just waiting for me to wake up.

Much greener trees and grasses, clusters of striking yellow daffodils, and pinkish tree blossoms add splashes of vivid color to the already picturesque scenery all around me. My eyes cannot get enough of the beauty.

Spring rains have been soaking the grounds, calling bolder, more brilliant colors to come. The puddles tease. I think about splashing.

The spring air, still crisp, smells new and fresh and clean. I breathe in as much as I can. I’m afraid it won’t last.

The spring sun illuminates the day and feels slightly warm on my skin. This is the warmth I’ve been waiting for. It’s promise encourages me.

The cheerful songs of the birds are announcing the arrival of spring. I’m listening. It is the sweetest sound. Can you hear it, too?

We keep driving. I think tomorrow I might find summer.