SOL15 without them, without us 26/31


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Separate vacations. Not a bad idea.
Without them. Without us.

Paul and I are spending the week with each other.
I don’t feel guilty (not one little bit)
that we are having such a fabulous time!
Alone. Without them.

 The girls are spending the week with their poms-dance team.
I don’t feel guilty because they are having a blast!
Together. Without us.

 We saw them tonight, after their performance.
It was a whirlwind visit.
Kisses! Hugs! We love you! We miss you!
Happy birthday (one day late)!
Are you having fun?
We loved the performance! We’re proud of you!
Do you need money?
Then they were off.
Together. Without us.

 We shopped. We went to dinner. We took a boat ride.
We walked. We talked. We held hands. We shared a milkshake.
We made plans for the rest of the trip.
Alone. Without them.

The girls shopped. They went to dinner.
They ate cupcakes celebrating birthdays.
They went to the pool. They hung out with friends.
Together. Without us.

 A few more days and we’ll all be back at home. Not on vacation.
Together! All of us!


8 thoughts on “SOL15 without them, without us 26/31

  1. Judy C.

    Great slice. To me, these were the scary times – allowing them to go away “without us” and being away “alone”. But then they were fun times too – getting to know each other again and allowing them to spread their wings. Enjoy the rest of your vacation and then getting together to share all you and they did.

  2. When your children venture out without you, I think you always look back. You know they will have fun, learn and grow just as your time away will allow you to grow. Enjoy your time away and then the reunion when all of you are back together.

  3. Your writing gives hints both in your joy of rediscovery and your hesitation about not having them with you. Your love of your entire family shines. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I agree — the love for your family shines through your writing! This was another beautiful slice. (You simply amaze me, you know!) I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying your time with Paul, yet still close enough with your girls. What a memorable week!

    BTW – I couldn’t leave a comment on yesterdays slice. Did you turn off the comments accidentally? I know you don’t know what you did … 🙂 but I loved your slice from beach toes to snowy boots! Yikes! Make the transition slowly …)

  5. I’m glad to hear you are sharing milkshakes and holding hands with your special guy. ❤ Awwww…mushy stuff! May everyone be ready to spend time together once everyone is home.

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