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I chose my one little word on Day 19 of the #SOL15 Challenge. It is now Day 27. When I chose my one little word, I was leaving for vacation the next day. I didn’t have a chance to act on this big decision or to put my plan into place. Well, I’m almost home. I’ve been doing some thinking during my time away. I’m excited to get going! (After all, it’s almost April.)

one little word ~ 2015

Simplicity is

Important to

Make space and find



Is better

For living well.

Yes, I can!


4 thoughts on “SOL15 SIMPLIFY 27/31

  1. Lynn

    This word has been my mantra for sure. Less is better, I’ve really come to appreciate a simpler life! You CAN. Do it!

  2. macrush53

    It’s such a great word: simplify. And that is what husband and I hope to do in the next months.

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