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That Moment

That moment
When this Team leaves the hotel and I second-guess that I have everything they need: 20 hair clips, 20 pairs of earrings, 20 dresses, 20 skaters…

That moment
When these girls are singing bus songs with the lyrics changed to fit the hopes and dreams of their Team.

That moment
When these girls are putting their skates on in the locker room and I worry if there is enough tape on the rolls to tape laces on 20 pairs of skates.

That moment
When these girls, standing in a circle, hands held tight, SCREAM THEIR LOUDEST to rid themselves of last minute nerves.

That moment
When these girls line up in the tunnel for their final stretches before they take the ice.

That moment
When these girls recite their “One Element at a Time” chant.

That moment
When these girls shout “God is good! God is great! God almighty, help us skate!

That moment
When these girls take the ice to the cheers and applause of the crowd. “Give me a C…”

That moment
When the crowd is mesmerized as these girls begin to skate their program and make their magic on the ice.

That moment
When these girls skate their best and I can finally breathe because it’s over.

That moment
When these girls hang on to each other, heads bowed, in the kiss and cry waiting for their scores.

That moment
When the scores are announced and these girls are hugging and crying and jumping up and down.

That moment
When these girls realize that all their hard work has been recognized and rewarded.

These girls are the Chicago Jazz Junior Team – Team USA. They are the 2015 Midwestern Synchronized Skating Champions and represented the United States in Germany at the Cup of Berlin in January of 2015. I am privileged to follow these girls around with the Team bag as their Team Manager.

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Many thanks to Michelle at Literacy Learning Zone for inspiring this slice.  It is important to take time to appreciate all the big and little moments that become our cherished memories.


6 thoughts on “SOL15 That Moment 30/31

  1. Lynn

    Wow Karen what an accomplishment for the girls and you as well! Such hard working girls, but like you said it all paid off! Big congrats to you all!

  2. Judy C.

    Congrats to your girls and their team. I know it must be difficult to be the Team Manager and make sure everything is available and to be a Mom to both girls. I’m sure this will be another jam-packed, fun-filled year.

  3. macrush53

    Congratulations to you and your girls. How fabulous to be a part of this. I love the ‘That Moment” idea for a poem.

  4. Ah, that moment when … I love being a part of the text messages hearing about these moments almost live! It’s so exciting for your girls and for you!!! Nail biting, stressful, holding your breath kind of moments!!! But then to celebrate!

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