This Week I Celebrate Books! #SOL15

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This week I celebrate books!

A book room?!?!

We are all so excited!

We ordered books.

We ordered more books.

We talked about spaces and shelving,

book bins and labels.

We ordered books for kids.

We ordered books for teachers.

Now at home (I couldn’t stop)…

I ordered books to be my best teacher self.

Then we went to the bookstore.

We bought books for B and E and me –

and my kiddos at school too!

(teacher discount, please)

Tomorrow I’m headed to the book fair at school!

I. Can’t. Wait.

This week I celebrate books!

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Taking a Break #SOL15

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Two Writing Teachers

My head is spinning with ideas, but they’re scattered.

My heart is full of emotions, but they’re mixed.

I have a lot to say, but my thoughts are jumbled.

My mind tries to concentrate, but it’s wandering.

I’m excited to share so many things, but I’m not focused.

I’m bursting with writing energy, but I’m exhausted.

I could write about what I’m feeling, but I won’t.

I’d like to write a story, but I can’t.

So, I’m taking a break from writing today.

Wearing Hats #SOL15

Slice of Life
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Two Writing Teachers

B (our junior in high school) shared with us tonight that she might not want to study engineering when she goes to college. She’s more interested in studying English and creative writing – maybe be an editor and hopefully have some of her own writing published.  She was worried about telling us, about disappointing us.

Her words were:  “I don’t like science or math. Engineering isn’t ideal for me. Don’t worry, I still might end up in engineering because I know how beneficial it would be to have a high-paying job.”

What?  Does it have to be about a high-paying job?   What about dreams?  What about passion and purpose?  What about loving what you do?

Of course we told her that she could study anything, do anything, be anything she wanted to be. We talked about the importance of finding your passion. We talked about finding your purpose. We talked about dreams.   We talked about loving what you do. We talked about hard work- no matter what.

What worries me is that B is still young.  She thinks that she has to decide now, at 17, what she wants to do with the rest of her life.  She has so much more to do, to see, to learn.

Why are we all in such a hurry?  I realize that some kids know what they want from the start. They never waiver.  But, what about the kids that don’t?  Recently, we’ve begun to talk about time woven into the school day to explore, to experience, to try on hats. Genius hour.  Passion projects. Did my own kids miss out on this?

Today, B is wearing the hat of a writer.  B is a beautiful writer. Writing comes easy to her (unlike her mom).  She has grown up as an avid reader, so it’s no wonder that she is a gifted writer. She loves to write!  She wants to publish her writing!  For now…it looks like B has found her passion. Hopefully, this will lead her to her purpose. (And an okay paying job? – asks her dad.)

Paul and I are wearing the hats of proud parents!


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Here We Go Again #sol15

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Two Writing Teachers

Here we go again.
I miss my readers.

They see me in the hall.

I hear,

“I read last night!”
“I need new books to read.”
“Where’ve you been?”
“I miss you!”
“When can I read with you?”
“Can we at least have lunch with you?”

I say,

“I’m proud of you!  Keep reading!”
“Come to my room to get new books!”
“We’re testing.
“I miss you, too!”
“It will be over soon!  What books have you found to share with me?”
“Yes! I would love to talk books at lunch!”

In my head, I know we need this data to inform our instruction.

In my reading heart, I worry that my readers are slipping away.

In my head, I know I have nurtured and instilled good reading behaviors all year.

In my reading heart, I hope it is enough.

I miss my readers.
Testing is almost over.  Again.

I Celebrate This Week – 4.4.15



It’s the end of another week.  Looking back, there is a so much to celebrate.

I celebrate this week.  This week ended the 8th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.  This was my first March participating in the challenge.  I celebrate that I wrote every day in March!  All. 31. days!

I celebrate this week.  I am back to school after a week of relaxation, reflection, and time away.  I missed my readers, writers, and thinkers!  I celebrate that we are back to the literacy routine in our classroom!

I celebrate this week.  After weeks of stress and struggle, B and E have Ice Show solo costumes (always my biggest challenge!). I celebrate that their dresses are ready for a weekend full of performances!

I celebrate this week.  ACT scores arrived in the mail this week for B.  This means that going to college and the possibility of leaving home will come sooner than we think. I celebrate that she is excited about continuing her learning journey!

I celebrate this week.  This has been a week of much debate and deliberation at our house.  Our E has gone on her first “date” as she calls it.  Her dad and I call it a group gathering at the movies.  I celebrate that we all survived!

This week is over, but the celebrations remain and will be joined by the celebrations of another week yet to come.