Here We Go Again #sol15

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Here we go again.
I miss my readers.

They see me in the hall.

I hear,

“I read last night!”
“I need new books to read.”
“Where’ve you been?”
“I miss you!”
“When can I read with you?”
“Can we at least have lunch with you?”

I say,

“I’m proud of you!  Keep reading!”
“Come to my room to get new books!”
“We’re testing.
“I miss you, too!”
“It will be over soon!  What books have you found to share with me?”
“Yes! I would love to talk books at lunch!”

In my head, I know we need this data to inform our instruction.

In my reading heart, I worry that my readers are slipping away.

In my head, I know I have nurtured and instilled good reading behaviors all year.

In my reading heart, I hope it is enough.

I miss my readers.
Testing is almost over.  Again.


9 thoughts on “Here We Go Again #sol15

  1. Judy C.

    Because you’re the teacher you are, your statement “In my head, I know I have nurtured and instilled good reading behaviors all year”, says it all. Testing is only one part of teaching, but you have given them the gift to read. It’s so great that they want to meet and share with you.

  2. I love the way you shared snippets of your conversations with students. You obviously have a wonderful relationship with them and their enthusiasm for you and for reading is delightful. Testing is onerous.

  3. Oh my, I love this! I am a reading specialist and I hear these comments too! It’s so beautiful to hear them ask us for books and it’s so hard not being with them because of things that may or may not be here tomorrow, because of things that don’t inform us for what we need. Hope you have a great book conversation with them soon!

  4. I love that your students are reading despite all the testing. However, I don’t believe all the data we’re told we need is actually all that necessary to instruction. It certainly wasn’t what informed instruction for my teachers, and quantitative evidence too often reduces students to just a number.

  5. I love the reading relationships that you have created with your students. They miss you and the books! Hmmm…what will be your first read aloud when you see them again?

    Another beautiful slice. I just love your writing, Karen!

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