This Week I Celebrate Books! #SOL15

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This week I celebrate books!

A book room?!?!

We are all so excited!

We ordered books.

We ordered more books.

We talked about spaces and shelving,

book bins and labels.

We ordered books for kids.

We ordered books for teachers.

Now at home (I couldn’t stop)…

I ordered books to be my best teacher self.

Then we went to the bookstore.

We bought books for B and E and me –

and my kiddos at school too!

(teacher discount, please)

Tomorrow I’m headed to the book fair at school!

I. Can’t. Wait.

This week I celebrate books!

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6 thoughts on “This Week I Celebrate Books! #SOL15

  1. Judy C.

    So much fun. So glad the district “found” that extra money and that you & Michelle could find books to purchase. Have fun reading and sharing those books with others!

  2. Hooray!!!!! Books, books, and more books!!!! I have had to force myself to put a freeze on the book buying while we’re trying to move. That’s so exciting to have your own bookroom! Enjoy the book fair!

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