The Important Thing About Me 3/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
Hosted at the Two Writing Teachers


I just finished teaching a graduate class at a university in the area.  I spent some time after school today (too much time) sorting through my university bag, putting materials back in their just right place.  As I was cleaning out my bag, I came across something I had written with the students in one of the literacy classes.  We had used The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown as a mentor text to writing our own poems.  I kept working. But, as the clock was ticking and time was passing me by, I realized that I was running out of time for writing.  I quickly typed my “The Important Thing About Me” poem into my slice for today…


The important thing about me

is that I am a reader.

It is true that I love to read aloud to my students; the children and the adults.

I am excited to get to school or to class when I have a new book to share!

I delight in the pensive looks or the fascination I see when the story comes alive in the room.

I am captivated by the thinking when connections are made to the characters, the places, and the stories.

I feel joy when magic is found in just the right book.

I cherish the moments we steal from our busy days to read together.

But the important thing about me

is that I am a reader.


Mentor Text:  The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown