A Very Proud Mom 6/31 #SOL16

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 A Very Proud Mom – Una mamá muy orgullosa

Today B asked me to take a look at an essay for one of the scholarships she is applying for. This essay happened to be for a scholarship from the Spanish department at her school. As I read her essay I felt so proud of her for many reasons.

Growth Mindset

B’s growth mindset shines through her essay from the beginning to the end.  Paul and I have tried to raise the girls with a growth mindset even before we knew there was a name for it.  Our message has always been:  “You can accomplish great things if you work hard.”  B recognizes in her essay that she has come a long way in her learning but that her journey continues.

Passion for Language

B wrote about her passion for learning another language.  She has had this love for language since she was a little girl.  From birth I would read and sing to her in Spanish (although this did get much more difficult through the years). She explained that she would listen to my conversation with students, colleagues, and friends and try to understand.  I always saw that she was a curious learner when I was engaged in conversation in Spanish.

Service to Others

B also wrote her desire to help others and make a difference in the world.  She has been focused on service learning since elementary school.  There always seems to be a service project on her mind and in her heart.  She is dedicated to giving back to a world that has given her so much.  This is who she is.

A Celebration

Finally – a celebration – B wrote this essay in Spanish! Throughout her journey, she would ask me about words, phrases, verb tenses, grammar, etc. that she didn’t understand. Sometimes it was a struggle to explain things, but we kept working at it. Writing was the most difficult.

I know how hard it is to learn another language, as Spanish is my second language.  I learned Spanish just like B is learning now.  It is not easy.  You have to be a risk-taker.  You have to be okay with making mistakes in front of others.  It takes time, dedication and determination.  It takes grit and it takes passion.  I worried that she would give up along the way.  I saw today when I read her essay that she didn’t.


4 thoughts on “A Very Proud Mom 6/31 #SOL16

  1. You can tell how proud you are from your voice! All those trials and tribulations of parenting pay off. Great post to read for a parent of two preschoolers.

  2. Lynn

    Oh Karen this just warms my heart!!! It is so nice being connected with you this month!!! You should be so proud. Well done mom and dad :-))

  3. Michelle Nero

    An essay en español?!? It’s hard enough to write a well thought out and crafted essay in English, let alone add the additional layer of writing it in Spanish!!! Thank goodness she has you to read it (I would have been no help!) and so proud of B! So much to celebrate! Bravo to you and Paul too!

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