A Passion for Writing Discovered 10/31 #SOL16

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A Passion for Writing Discovered

One of my roles at school is an ESL resource teacher.  I work with a fifth grade newcomer group.  We’ve been researching and learning about the Revolutionary War.  A and M have worked very hard.  We’ve read many books about the Revolutionary War together. We’ve researched information on the internet.  We’ve used ESL strategies, lots of visuals, and the language experience approach to document our learning.  The students have been recording their learning in a slideshow.  A finished before M so now she’s working on a slide show about her life story.  She’s been busy writing slides and adding photos while M is finishing his Revolutionary War project.  (Although, he did email me this afternoon with a link to the new slideshow about his life story.  He’s excited about writing, too!)

We’ve been talking a lot about writing and we’ve been writing every day.  As educators of English language learners, we know that written language can sometimes take the longest to develop.  However, if you are an avid reader and writer in your first language, writing in your second language might not be so hard for you – especially if you work at your craft.

Today A came in with something exciting to share.  She has decided to write a blog.  She wrote her first blog post in Polish about a movie she had seen.  I was so proud of A and her new venture that we went to find Mrs. N who was in the middle of her second grade small group.  Mrs. N and her second graders took the time to celebrate A and her writing. Mrs. N encouraged A to continue writing, and sharing her writing with others.

A is working on her second post – a comparison of school life in the United States and Poland.  A has a lot to say, so much to share.  M and I are listening.  So is Mrs. N and the 4 followers she now has on her new blog.  Keep writing, A!

(Mrs. N~ Thanks for reminding me about this celebration in our day.)