Ice Show To Do List 14/31 #SOL16

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Ice Show is less than 3 weeks away…
There is SO much to do!  This list is taking up space in my brain!

Ice Show To Do List:

B’s Senior Story must be written and revised for the program book

Soloist photos have to be chosen and submitted for B and E

Costumes need to be altered

Crystals glued on for extra sparkle

Did you know you could turn a lion costume into a monkey costume?
(Thank you for taking this one off my plate, E!)

Cinderella needs a choker and Peter Pan needs a belt

Chimney sweep brooms and Arabian Nights’ crowns cannot be misplaced

Earrings, makeup, and hair supplies (oh my!)

Skates taped and painted for that clean, white look

Skates sharpened for just the right edge

The lobby needs to be decorated – shiny balloons, swirly, metallic streamers, and
glittery mouse ears – all hung from the ceiling

Family and friends to invite – this is B’s last show

And then an email this morning from a mom at the rink:
“OMG the girls’ solos are so cute!!!” (Thank you, Jamey!)

I’d almost forgotten the reason for all this stress…
B and E are skating in the show and I can’t wait!

It All Started with a Mouse
Rolling Meadows Ice Show 2016
April 2, 3, and 4


4 thoughts on “Ice Show To Do List 14/31 #SOL16

  1. Judy C.

    Don’t know how you keep track of it all and even with all the stress, it turns out perfect. Wish we were going to be up for that weekend, but we’re heading back home after Spring break. Good luck to you and the girls. I’m sure y’all will do great!

  2. Sometimes you have to just write what’s on your brain to free that space for more! Now you have a written checklist that you can begin working on until the day of the show! It will be spectacular! Keep me posted on tickets! 🙂

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