18 tomorrow ~ wish us luck 23/31 #SOL16

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Tomorrow I’ll have an 18 year old.   I thought I should do some research to see what I’m in for.  According to my research, B will be able to:

Buy a lottery ticket
Donate blood
Rent an apartment or buy a house
Sign legal documents and forms
Go skydiving and bungee jumping
Change her name
Open a bank account and a 401k
Keep medical records and grades to herself
Be called for jury duty
Get married
Join the military
Get a credit card
Get a tattoo or a piercing
Buy a car
Book a hotel room or even a cruise
Start a business, get insurance or take out a loan

I’ve been 18 before, but I’ve never actually been the parent of one before.  But, I guess the point is that I won’t necessarily be responsible for her anymore…  Just kidding. I’m still raising her.  And oh my… this list is scary!  Wish us luck!!


6 thoughts on “18 tomorrow ~ wish us luck 23/31 #SOL16

  1. Oh my! That is an interesting list! That would have been very intimidating to me when I was that age–but it is completely scary to imagine for my nieces and nephews who will be 18 in not too many years! Happy birthday to B–and here’s hoping it doesn’t involve bungee jumping or bank loans! 🙂

  2. Judy C.

    Quite the list – scary for a Mom, exciting for an 18 year old. Happy birthday to B and good luck to you. The teaching to our children never seems to stop (no matter how old they are).

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