1-800-monkey 17/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
Hosted at the Two Writing Teachers


Our youngest daughter, E, has a very special gift.  We recognized this gift even when she was very young.  E has a talent for entertaining an audience  She is clever and witty, amusing and funny!  She can lighten any situation and bring life to any party.  We’ve heard this over and over from family, friends, teachers, coaches, and yes… strangers.  At times it has been hard to have a serious chat or scold her because she is just so funny.

Last night I was scrolling through my twitter feed and found a photo that E posted of herself.  She took this photo at a dress rehearsal for one of her ice show numbers.  The girls will be wearing a monkey costume; skating to a song from the movie Jungle Book.  

Too bad she’s not serious.  This could really help pay for her college tuition…




It’s Time 16/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
Hosted at the Two Writing Teachers


It’s Time

This has been a long week of meetings and professional development… more tomorrow afternoon.

I’m hopeful of this new learning and what it means for our community of learners – students and teachers.  It’s time.

I appreciate how these exciting messages align with my beliefs and I welcome the challenge to the status quo.  It’s time.

My head is full of information and adult talk.  I need to spend time in my thoughts and reflect on everything going on in my teacher brain.  It’s time.

I am anxious to apply this more powerful, deeper learning with my readers, writers, and thinkers.  It’s time.

But first, it’s spring break.  It’s time.

Winter Moods 15/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
Hosted at the Two Writing Teachers

Winter Moods

the gray days of winter make me feel~

Grumpy, grouchy, cross and crabby
Petulant, peevish,
Testy and surly

Gloomy, glum, melancholy and mopey
Out-of-sorts, out-of-patience
Frowny and sulky

So, just in case…
I’m sorry for the things I said when it was winter.
(this last phrase was borrowed from pinterest)

~the promise of spring puts me in a much better mood

Ice Show To Do List 14/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
Hosted at the Two Writing Teachers

Ice Show is less than 3 weeks away…
There is SO much to do!  This list is taking up space in my brain!

Ice Show To Do List:

B’s Senior Story must be written and revised for the program book

Soloist photos have to be chosen and submitted for B and E

Costumes need to be altered

Crystals glued on for extra sparkle

Did you know you could turn a lion costume into a monkey costume?
(Thank you for taking this one off my plate, E!)

Cinderella needs a choker and Peter Pan needs a belt

Chimney sweep brooms and Arabian Nights’ crowns cannot be misplaced

Earrings, makeup, and hair supplies (oh my!)

Skates taped and painted for that clean, white look

Skates sharpened for just the right edge

The lobby needs to be decorated – shiny balloons, swirly, metallic streamers, and
glittery mouse ears – all hung from the ceiling

Family and friends to invite – this is B’s last show

And then an email this morning from a mom at the rink:
“OMG the girls’ solos are so cute!!!” (Thank you, Jamey!)

I’d almost forgotten the reason for all this stress…
B and E are skating in the show and I can’t wait!

It All Started with a Mouse
Rolling Meadows Ice Show 2016
April 2, 3, and 4

A Celebration of Teaching 13/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
Hosted at the Two Writing Teachers

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

-Henry Adams

A Celebration of Teaching

My dear friend and colleague, Linda, is retiring this year.  Linda has been teaching for over 25 years – teaching kindergarten, first, and second grades.  Linda is one of those teachers that will be at the top of her students’ favorite teacher list forever.  The love and compassion for her students and their families, her work ethic and her desire to be the best teacher she can be, her commitment to the teaching profession, her dedication to her school and school community, her patience and high expectation for student learning, and her passion for literacy and books (she has thousands!) are qualities that all teachers should strive for.

Linda has affected the lives of many – her influence will go on and on.  She has instilled the love of reading and books in her students and has inspired them to love learning. Linda, you have always been the brightest John Jay Star in the sky, shining the way for us all!

“Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.”

-John Robert Meehan

About the Business of Writing 12/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
Hosted at the Two Writing Teachers


About the Business of Writing

Today, I am carving out some time for writing; and it’s not even dark!  I usually do not have that luxury during the week.  I leave the writing until the very last part of the day. The part of the day that doesn’t require anything else from me.  Sometimes it’s really (really!) close to the 11:59 pm EST deadline for posting your March SOLSC #SOL16 slice.  But that is my me time.  That is the part of the day that is just for me.

Yesterday was Friday.  I spent some time in my classroom after school, getting ready for next week.  I put away 2 very large stacks of books from the book return bins in the book room.  I chatted with some colleagues.  I said hello to a few little friends at Family Movie Night.  No worries.  I still had lots of time left in the day for writing.  I’ve got this.

So… I headed to Barnes & Noble.  This is where I go when I need a pick-me-up.  I wandered through the store, browsing the time away.  I bought a couple of books to share with my favorite readers next week.  The night was still young.  I made 2 more stops for things I needed at home.  Finally, errands complete, I headed home to begin my slice.  I started.  I looked at my writing notebook, I wrote some ideas, and then…

9:21 pm
I get a text from E…  “I’m ready to be picked up”.

I get to the restaurant.
“Can you drive a few more friends home?”   Of course.  

I get a text from B…   “When will you be home, he wants to say hello?”  Almost there.

I took some time to chat with B and her friend about their evening.  

I get a text from Paul on his way home from work…  “Do you want some ice cream?” (Like I would say no.)  I get back to my slice and wait for my ice cream.

Ice cream arrives.
(Do I eat it?  Do I finish my slice?  What would you have done?)

Ice cream gone.  I frantically try to finish my slice before 10:59 pm.  Formatting problems. It seems like I’m typing quicker than the internet can think.  


I click on “Post Comment”.  

11:00 pm
Slice posted.  But it’s really 12:00 am.  Ugh…

Last night I didn’t post my slice until 12:00 am, exactly, on the dot.  If I could get a day ahead… I wrote about procrastination a few days ago.  I don’t think I’m procrastinating with my writing… I’m just not setting the time aside to reflect and develop my craft as a writer.  I can only live a writerly life if I’m about the business of writing.  I will have to see if I can fix this.  Tomorrow.

That Moment When 11/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
Hosted at the Two Writing Teachers

That Moment When…IMG_2064.JPGThat moment when you realize all the hard work has paid off and every single sacrifice you made was worth it. (E)

That moment when you realize your dream has finally come true and you got to share it with 17 of your best friends and your sister! (B)


That moment when you are the proudest mom in the world! (Me)

United States Synchronized Skating Championships
2016 National Champions