A Little Recognition 7/31 #SOL16

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A Little Recognition

Paul and I went to Winter Sports Awards Night at the High School for B and E this evening. Both girls are on the Poms Team.  As the Athletic Director announced each of the sports teams, their season’s records and placements at local meets, tournaments, and regional and state competitions, I just wanted to jump up and shout:  “Hey!  Do you know that two of these athletes have also won a national gold medal and 2 international gold medals this season for their other sport?!?!?!?” 

Of course I didn’t.  (But, I wanted to.)  That would not have been nice, or polite, or appropriate, or… And it definitely would have embarrassed B and E.  My thoughts are not to minimize the achievements of the other athletes, by any means.  The list of their accomplishments is equally impressive.

Congratulations to all of our Chicago Jazz Junior Team skaters for their amazing season! I am so proud of these girls and all they do to balance a passion for their sport and their academics.  Synchronized skating athletes train year round and work incredibly hard at a sport that is not recognized by their high school athletic departments. High school skaters that compete at the junior level miss 15-20 days of school during their competitive season. They are not exempt from their schoolwork (nor should they be) and they are often penalized or lose privileges because of their absences from school.  They do schoolwork while they are traveling and they work hard to make up missed assignments, projects, tests, etc., when they get home.  They don’t ask for free passes – just a little understanding – and maybe a little recognition at the high school sports awards night.

So, congratulations to all high school athletes everywhere for their hard work and dedication to their sports and their academics!  What you do is admirable on so many levels!  I’m paying attention and I recognize all of you.