SOL15 Birthday Wishes 29/31


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge –  An Online Writing Experience Hosted by The Two Writing Teachers

It’s here. The day I’ve been looking forward to – not just an ordinary day. It’s my birthday. I’ve been excited but I don’t know why. It seems that the older I get, the less big a deal my birthday becomes. I’m not complaining. I’m just stating my observation out loud. It’s my birthday today, but the world keeps going. Paul is working. The girls have practice – all day. No one is home, except me. I don’t want to spend the day inside by myself so I venture out. It’s cold and rainy. It doesn’t even seem like a birthday day. I do some errands. I get what I need. Does anyone know that it’s my birthday? Does it show? Should I tell someone? No. Definitely not. It’s just an ordinary day to everyone else. Only I know that today is different. Until I get home. They are waiting for me. They wish me a happy birthday. They have made me birthday cards. There are balloons attached to my favorite candy bar (bought with B’s own money!). We share stories about our day. It’s not just an ordinary day. It’s my birthday!

To honor this day; March 29~ I’ve chosen to share my birthday wishes for the coming year:

To live my life with purpose and passion
To express my gratitude for all things, no matter how big or small
To simplify my heart, my home, my life
To share my love for reading and books
To exercise my mind (more books!) and body (walking regularly!)
To profess my love for Paul, B, and E– every day!

I cannot wait to see where this journey of my life takes me in this next year.