A Letter to B 24/31 #SOL16

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A Letter to B On Her 18th Birthday~

Dearest B,

You are 18 today – so grown up.  This day, your birthday, is a day of celebration. After all, you’re not a little girl any longer.  But, I have to tell you that on this joyous day for you, I’m feeling a little sad.  I’m wondering if you won’t need me as much any more.  I’m wondering if you’re happy to reach this milestone as a symbol of your independence from home, from family, from me.

As we sang “Happy Birthday” tonight.  Our eyes met and I wonder if you saw that mine were teary.  Could you feel my sadness?  Did you notice?  Did it show?

As I am reflecting on your 18 years, I could not be more proud of the young woman you are. Your strength and determination have carried you through each struggle you have faced.  I admire how you’ve never given up, when I think I would have.  I admire how hard you work at the goals you set for yourself.  The early morning before school and weekend skating lessons and practices, dance classes, poms practices, the difficult academic course load, the late nights of homework and studying…  I could go on and on. And with all of this, your character and your compassion for others shines through in all that you do.  Your service to others is an example for us to follow.  You are strong in your faith and your beliefs. You truly amaze me every day.

My dearest daughter, you were the first to teach me about unconditional love and how to be a mother.  You have taught me to be patient, trusting, compassionate, resilient.  I wonder if I would have learned these things if I were not chosen and blessed to be your mother.

So… B, on this, your 18th birthday, with the world at your feet, know that I love you with all of my heart.

Love, Mom

Now… let’s eat cake!


Happy Birthday, B!



18 tomorrow ~ wish us luck 23/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
Hosted at the Two Writing Teachers

Tomorrow I’ll have an 18 year old.   I thought I should do some research to see what I’m in for.  According to my research, B will be able to:

Buy a lottery ticket
Donate blood
Rent an apartment or buy a house
Sign legal documents and forms
Go skydiving and bungee jumping
Change her name
Open a bank account and a 401k
Keep medical records and grades to herself
Be called for jury duty
Get married
Join the military
Get a credit card
Get a tattoo or a piercing
Buy a car
Book a hotel room or even a cruise
Start a business, get insurance or take out a loan

I’ve been 18 before, but I’ve never actually been the parent of one before.  But, I guess the point is that I won’t necessarily be responsible for her anymore…  Just kidding. I’m still raising her.  And oh my… this list is scary!  Wish us luck!!

SOL15 Birthday Wishes 29/31


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge –  An Online Writing Experience Hosted by The Two Writing Teachers

It’s here. The day I’ve been looking forward to – not just an ordinary day. It’s my birthday. I’ve been excited but I don’t know why. It seems that the older I get, the less big a deal my birthday becomes. I’m not complaining. I’m just stating my observation out loud. It’s my birthday today, but the world keeps going. Paul is working. The girls have practice – all day. No one is home, except me. I don’t want to spend the day inside by myself so I venture out. It’s cold and rainy. It doesn’t even seem like a birthday day. I do some errands. I get what I need. Does anyone know that it’s my birthday? Does it show? Should I tell someone? No. Definitely not. It’s just an ordinary day to everyone else. Only I know that today is different. Until I get home. They are waiting for me. They wish me a happy birthday. They have made me birthday cards. There are balloons attached to my favorite candy bar (bought with B’s own money!). We share stories about our day. It’s not just an ordinary day. It’s my birthday!

To honor this day; March 29~ I’ve chosen to share my birthday wishes for the coming year:

To live my life with purpose and passion
To express my gratitude for all things, no matter how big or small
To simplify my heart, my home, my life
To share my love for reading and books
To exercise my mind (more books!) and body (walking regularly!)
To profess my love for Paul, B, and E– every day!

I cannot wait to see where this journey of my life takes me in this next year.

SOL15 Happy Birthday B! 24/31


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge –  An Online Writing Experience Hosted by The Two Writing Teachers

Our Dearest B~
May you…
Have grace and be gracious no matter what comes your way
Be kind and do good for others every day
Be true and honest in what you do and say
Give your best in every way
Be happy in your heart and make time to play
Know God’s blessing always and forever and especially today
Happy Birthday!

You are the sparkle of our eyes. You have filled our world with so much joy. We are so proud of you. We wish you happiness on your special day and always.

We love you and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow!
Mom and Dad

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