I Celebrate This Week – 4.4.15



It’s the end of another week.  Looking back, there is a so much to celebrate.

I celebrate this week.  This week ended the 8th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge.  This was my first March participating in the challenge.  I celebrate that I wrote every day in March!  All. 31. days!

I celebrate this week.  I am back to school after a week of relaxation, reflection, and time away.  I missed my readers, writers, and thinkers!  I celebrate that we are back to the literacy routine in our classroom!

I celebrate this week.  After weeks of stress and struggle, B and E have Ice Show solo costumes (always my biggest challenge!). I celebrate that their dresses are ready for a weekend full of performances!

I celebrate this week.  ACT scores arrived in the mail this week for B.  This means that going to college and the possibility of leaving home will come sooner than we think. I celebrate that she is excited about continuing her learning journey!

I celebrate this week.  This has been a week of much debate and deliberation at our house.  Our E has gone on her first “date” as she calls it.  Her dad and I call it a group gathering at the movies.  I celebrate that we all survived!

This week is over, but the celebrations remain and will be joined by the celebrations of another week yet to come.


SOL15 It’s Just the Beginning… 31/31


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge –  An Online Writing Experience Hosted by The Two Writing Teachers

It’s just the beginning…

Before I started…
I didn’t believe in myself enough.
I didn’t think I could do it.
I didn’t think I could write.
I didn’t think I could write every day for 31 days.
I didn’t believe in myself enough.

As I reflect…
I have learned that I should believe in me.
I have learned that I can and I will do it.
I have learned that I have a work-in-progress writer’s voice.
I have learned that I can write (every day in March!).
I have learned that I believe in me – just enough!

I look forward to writing on Tuesdays because…
There are more words that I want to say.
There are more writing styles that I want to try.
There are more stories that I can’t wait to read.
There are more writers that I want to connect with and comments that I want to leave.
There are more words that I want to say!

It’s just the beginning…

Many thanks to~
TWT for hosting this Slice of Life writing challenge
-The writers who inspired me every day
-The readers who left comments on my stories and kept me writing