Will They Remember to Read? #SOL15

Slice of Life
hosted at the
Two Writing Teachers

Every year it’s the same.

This summer reading panic.

We notice how many days are left; there are still so many more books to read, so much to learn.

How many days are left to fill up their reading, writing, thinking brains?

We hope we’ve done enough because summer is coming…

But, will they remember to read?

We want them to find those cozy summer reading spots.

We want them to make time for those reading moments.

Will someone read aloud to them?

Will someone listen to them practice their reading?

Will someone talk with them about their thinking?

But, will they remember to read?

We’re telling them how important it is to keep reading, and writing, and thinking – all summer long.

We want them to continue their learning journey.

We’re encouraging them to visit the library.

We want them to get lost in lots of books and read the summer away.

So, we’ve started gathering books…

But, will they remember to read?

They’ll read.  They’ll write.  They’ll think.
And we’ll trust that we’ve done enough.
They’ll remember.