Here We Go Again #sol15

Slice of Life
hosted at the
Two Writing Teachers

Here we go again.
I miss my readers.

They see me in the hall.

I hear,

“I read last night!”
“I need new books to read.”
“Where’ve you been?”
“I miss you!”
“When can I read with you?”
“Can we at least have lunch with you?”

I say,

“I’m proud of you!  Keep reading!”
“Come to my room to get new books!”
“We’re testing.
“I miss you, too!”
“It will be over soon!  What books have you found to share with me?”
“Yes! I would love to talk books at lunch!”

In my head, I know we need this data to inform our instruction.

In my reading heart, I worry that my readers are slipping away.

In my head, I know I have nurtured and instilled good reading behaviors all year.

In my reading heart, I hope it is enough.

I miss my readers.
Testing is almost over.  Again.