This Gift of Time 18/31 #SOL16

The March Slice of Life Story Challenge
31 Days of Writing!
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This Gift of Time…

As we are driving away into spring break, I’m wondering about this time we’ve been gifted… I’m wondering if this much anticipated week will live up to it’s promise of time.

Will we have time to rest enough, relax enough, reflect enough?

Will there be time to reconnect with family, friends, ourselves?

Will we make time to get lost in a story that we’re reading, writing?

Will we take time to notice the outside world – the feel of the warmer sun, the smell of the air, the sights we’ve been away from all winter, the sound of spring’s awakening?

Will we find time to accomplish the tasks we’ve put off for too long?

Will we escape from time just enough to have a new adventure?

And, as each moment of each day of this week passes, will we remember that this gift of time is precious, that this gift of time is only given once?  


Hanging Out with E #SOL15

Slice of Life
hosted at the
Two Writing Teachers

Hanging Out with E

The girls are both busy. Very busy. Every day. We are caught up with living in the moment that sometimes we take those moments for granted and don’t enjoy them each to fullest. Then, in just a quick blink of an eye, those moments turn into years passing by. They’ve grown up too quickly.

B and E are on the same skating team and the same poms team at school. They take the same dance classes. They pretty much follow the same schedule. Every day. Their time is booked from early mornings until evenings, late. It’s hard for us to carve out time for each one of them, alone.

B was away for the weekend. Paul worked both days. It was just E and I. I saw the opportunity so I grabbed it and held on tight. We spent time watching movies, snuggled up in my bed, like we used to when she was little and there was an abundance of time. We shopped and ran errands. We laughed. We ate ice cream. We talked. We laughed some more. We planned. We held hands. We got closer, and then closer still.

I enjoyed every moment with E this weekend. These little moments may be the big moments that she’ll remember and love the most.


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