SOL15 without them, without us 26/31


The March Slice of Life Story Challenge –  An Online Writing Experience Hosted by The Two Writing Teachers

Separate vacations. Not a bad idea.
Without them. Without us.

Paul and I are spending the week with each other.
I don’t feel guilty (not one little bit)
that we are having such a fabulous time!
Alone. Without them.

 The girls are spending the week with their poms-dance team.
I don’t feel guilty because they are having a blast!
Together. Without us.

 We saw them tonight, after their performance.
It was a whirlwind visit.
Kisses! Hugs! We love you! We miss you!
Happy birthday (one day late)!
Are you having fun?
We loved the performance! We’re proud of you!
Do you need money?
Then they were off.
Together. Without us.

 We shopped. We went to dinner. We took a boat ride.
We walked. We talked. We held hands. We shared a milkshake.
We made plans for the rest of the trip.
Alone. Without them.

The girls shopped. They went to dinner.
They ate cupcakes celebrating birthdays.
They went to the pool. They hung out with friends.
Together. Without us.

 A few more days and we’ll all be back at home. Not on vacation.
Together! All of us!